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When Letteratura Horror was first opened, we never believed that we would be able to interview a great author know on an international scale as Glenn Cooper. Anyway this opportunity became real thanks to the helpfulness of the American writer, author of international best-sellers such as Library of the Death, The Book of Souls, The Librarians, The Devil Will Come. He gave us the honor to stop by our site and answer a few questions.
Transaltion by Federica Falaschi. Read Italian Version 
D) Glenn Cooper, you are a successful writer, well know in Europe and especially in Italy. We know that Italy is often a source of inspirations for your novels. Can you tell us something about your strong bond with our country?
R) It’s true that I have a special bond with Italian readers. I knew Italy pretty well from my business and scientific work but when I first published Library of the Dead, Italy was just one of over 30 countries where the book was launched. But now Italy is my first country in terms of sales. The more I visit the country, the more it inspires me and suggests stories I want to tell. It’s the antiquity, the people, the beauty everwhere. I even enjoy watching the crazy politics. And I think Italian readers connect with the historical, religious and philosophical themes in my books. Italians are passionate readers which I greatly appreciate.
D) Your books are full of references to archaeology, history and medical science. Since you are graduated both in archaeology and medicine, can you explain us how much your studies influenced the subject of your novels?
R) All writers draw from their past experiences. In my case I’ve been fortunate to have a diverse academic background so it’s relatively easy for me to write with authority about subjects I know well. These disciplines are deep wells to draw from.
D) The Will Piper series had a great success worldwide. In your opinion, what is the key to this success?
R) I think people like Will Piper because he’s so imperfect yet he’s capable of conquering his weaknesses and acting heroically. European women like him because he’s a “bad boy.” American women – not so much. They think he’s a chauvinist and assume I must be too!
D) Who are Will Piper and sister Elisabetta Celestino? They are such different characters but they are really close too. Can you tell us more?
R) Yes, they are obviously very different but also similar. They both stubbornly pursue the truth and have the inner strength and intelligence to overcome great hurdles. These are universal traits of heroes.
D) Which book of yours are you most fond of?
The Tenth Chamber (2011). This book is close to my heart because early prehistory was the subject that I was most passionate about as an archaeologist.
D) Are you already working on your next novel?
R) I’ve just finished a book about the resurrection of Christ and a modern search for the Holy Grail. I hope it will be out in Italy before this Christmas.
D) You were a doctor and a CEO of an important factory, why did you decided to start writing? How did your love for writing begin?
R) I started writing in high school but got serious about it in my 30s. I wrote film scripts for 20 years, sold a few but was never really successful with my screenplays. However, this kind of writing was really a great foundation for my novels.
D) And what about your love for the mystery and historical genre?
For me, mysteries can bring history alive. I like to give my readers accurate historical information wrapped around a great mystery. When it’s done well it can be the best of both worlds.
D) Who was your guide? And your inspiration?
R) My only guide has been reading. Countless books. Authors who write beautifully like John Steinbeck have been my greatest inspiration.
D) What’s the best horror-thriller book you have ever read?
R) The Shining by Stephen King.
D) And the worst one?
R) I’ll never say!
D) Our site is follow by wannabe writers. What kind of advice would you give to them?
R) Just keep writing. Every day. It can take years to learn the craft. And read widely. See how others approach writing.
D) Just a few people know that you are an honorary citizen of the town of Solofra (AV), can you tell us more about this initiative?
R) I was contacted by some young people in Solofra on Facebook and started an online relationship around their interest in restoring the town’s castle. I’ve now visited the town twice and love the people and the town spirit. It’s a wonderful place.
D) Finally, would you like to tell something to our readers?
R) I’d like to say that I appreciate the support of my readers very much. It inspires me to keep writing. And I hope to be back in Italy very soon.

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